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Welcome to the Walking Jacket for Cats Guestbook! We would love to hear of your experiences with the Walking Jacket, so please feel free to post them here.

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Date Added:Monday, October 16, 2006
SubjectHappy w the jacket
Message:Thank you, i have gotten my jacket in a week, and it fits perfectly. I thought hes a huge cat but the standard size fit perfectly, with rooms for putting on weight! haha. now need him to get used to it. I will definitely recommend this jacket to all my mates.

Name:Dark, Peter
Date Added:Wednesday, January 18, 2006
SubjectCat Harness
Message:This is truly a great idea - I've never liked the way that indigenous species of birds and small animals are killed by cats that don't naturally belong in that country, so I certainly hope that lots of people take notice of this product and help restore the ecological balance!

Date Added:Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Subjectre: cat walking jacket
Message:Just wanted to say I received my jacket on the weekend, and my cat Felix loves it. In only THREE DAYS he is now walking around with me outside the apartment. Its incredible - cheers 4 that. If I tell my friends, can I get a referral bonus ??!! :-)

Date Added:Friday, December 9, 2005
SubjectThis cat harness really does work!
Message:Since emigrating to Australia 12 months ago, I decided to keep my cat indoors because of all the lovely wildlife here. She is a bit of a 'birder', so I was frightened that she would be bringing back Lorikeets. Plus, there are so many creepy crawlies lurkign around which could do her a lot of harm (ticks seem to be the worst where I am)

Therefore, I decided to try her with a couple of the ones from my local pet store. I bought two - one was a small 'pet coat' (she just slipped out of it as soon as she saw a dog! ) and the other a simple 'figure of 8' strap affair. This last one seemed more secure, but she hated it - and always acted crazy when I put it on!

I found this Cat Walking Jacket and I must say it absolutely worked perfectly! I have been able to enjoy walking outside with my cat, and she even just sits outside with me on the patio. Its marvellous, and I can not recommend it enough. Thanks a lot !

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