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The Walking Jacket for Cats

Ever wished you could take your cat out for a walk!? Got yourself a 'house cat', but wish he wasn't sometimes ...especially when he's scratching the furniture!?!

Cat Walking JacketClick to watch a video of the Walking Jacket for Cats in action!

or Cat Walking Jacket Buy the Cat Walking Jacket right now!


Are you concerned about the damage that your cat is doing to the Australian native flora and fauna? Or, how about the dangers that the environment poses for your cat... snakes, spiders, dogs, poisonous bait or plants and worst of all - traffic. If you answered 'YES!" to any of these questions, then we have the perfect answer... the walking jacket for cats!

Buy a walking jacket for cats, manufactured by Metpet, and you get to spend more quality time with your pet! Amazingly, even the stubbornest of cats can be trained to use the Metpet walking jacket in complete safety and security.

The jacket is specially designed to provide safety and security to your cat when he is out and about. It is made from very durable material - much stronger than the usual pet jackets out there.

The jacket is very comfortable for your cat to wear, so he is unlikely to try to escape after the first couple of attempts. The unique patented shape of the jacket together with the three easy to adjust fastening points means that both you and your cat will feel secure and relaxed. Wearing the walking jacket will soon become second nature to your cat. In fact, if you follow our hints and tips page on this website he/she may 'ask' you to put it on in order to go out!! Amazing, yet true (Read our Testimonials section to hear more about this)

Reasons to buy the Walking Jacket for Cats

The jacket is available in 4 colours :

  • red
  • purple
  • blue
  • black

and in two sizes:

  • Standard - suitable for most cats approx 6-17lb (Collar adjusts from 20-29.2cm. Girth straps adjust from 31.7-47cm)
  • Large - suitable for the larger cat (Collar adjusts from 22.8-33cm. Girth straps adjust from 38-63.5cm )

We are based in New South Wales, Australia and aim to have your order (if in stock) in the post by the next working day.



Order your Metpet Walking Jacket for your cat today for just $28.50 (free postage and packaging for single jackets within Australia!)


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